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Cosmopolitan Carpet & Tile Cleaning believes that carpet maintenance and care should be something you do on a regularly scheduled basis rather than being a random series of reactions to spills, stains, and infrequent cleaning. Most of the complaints about poor appearance, rapid soiling, and poor performance are due to a lack of a scheduled maintenance program.

Your carpeting represents a substantial investment and deserves adequate care to prolong it's life. With proper vacuuming and a regular carpet cleaning program you can extend the life of your carpet. If the maintenance is neglected then you risk having to replace carpet prematurely.

Here are a few guidelines to help develop a maintenance program:

  • Frequent vacuuming is an important element in good carpet care. This is the best way to remove loose dirt and soil, which can scratch the fibers leading to premature wear of the carpet.
  • Prompt attention to spots and spills is essential. Immediately scoop up as much of the spill as possible. Then blot, DO NOT RUB (rubbing can alter the carpets texture).
  • Even though vacuuming can remove most of the dry soil, it is also necessary to clean your carpet on a regular basis to ensure a thorough cleaning and prolong the life of your carpet. Cosmopolitan Carpet & Tile Cleanin is just what you need to have your carpet cleaned regularly
  • A cleaning system should clean the carpet without leaving a detergent residue. Leading carpet manufacturers recommend the hot water extraction method, also called "steam cleaning".

It is to your advantage to use Cosmopolitan Carpet Cleaning because our experience and professional quality equipment enables us to provide you with a thorough, professional cleaning. Give us a call today to schedule an appointment!

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